$150,000 Matching Gift Challenge Completed


A big “thank you” to all of you who contributed to the 2018 year-end matching gift challenge. The challenge was completed on December 31st as we met our goal. The money raised by the challenge will be used to provide free medical care to the poor in Bolivia.

Mission of hope operates two free medical clinics year-round, one in Santa Cruz and one in Sucre. These clinics are fully staffed by local Bolivian doctors and nurses. In addition to serving the Hispanic population, the clinic in Santa Cruz also serves the large Mennonite population that has settled in Bolivia. Many of these patients are coming from a Mennonite colony named Charagua.

Charagua is an isolated Mennonite farming community about 7 hours from our clinic in Santa Cruz.  The road to Charagua is mostly dirt and gravel with many pot holes.  The Mennonites who live there are very poor and very traditional.  The horse and buggy is still their main mode of transportation in and around the colony.  Charagua has had very little rain for the last 4 years, so crops have suffered and food has been in short supply.

Jacob is a 6 year old boy who came to the clinic in Santa Cruz from Charagua.  He is one of 12 children.  He was born with a tumor protruding from an opening on the back of his head.  Right after his birth, he had a surgery to remove the tumor.  His parents were told that he would need a second surgery at 6 years of age.

Jacob came to the clinic having visual disturbances and problems with his balance.  Worse, other kids his age had discovered that by poking the soft spot on the back of Jacob’s head, they could cause him to be off balance, become dizzy and faint.

Jacob needed a special neurosurgery to close the opening at the base of his skull and protect his brain from a potentially life-threatening situation.  Jacob was admitted to a public hospital in Santa Cruz and had a very successful surgery.  Mission of Hope paid for all of the expenses related to Jacob’s surgery using a special fund that was created by one of our donors.

Katharina is an 11 year old girl who also came to the clinic in Santa Cruz from Charagua. She is one of 8 children. Her parents told us that she has been sickly since infancy. She never had the normal energy or growth of a healthy child. When she was 5 years old, her parents took her to a doctor near their colony, who could not find anything wrong with her and just gave her vitamins.
Finally, in January of this year, her parents brought her to see a doctor in Santa Cruz. The doctor told them that Katharina’s spleen was quite large and she had gallstones. The doctor said the only cure was surgery to remove both. Katharina’s parents knew that they could not afford surgery, so they returned home without any hope of helping their daughter.
A few months later, someone in the colony told them about Mission
of Hope, where everything is free. When Katharina came to our clinic in Santa Cruz, she was very pale and very thin. Mission of Hope arranged for Katharina to have the surgery she needed in a public hospital and covered all of her expenses. Within days after her surgery, Katharina looked like a different child! She is now healthy for the first time in her life!


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