April 2007 Tulsa Medical Team

On April 17, 2007 , a team of faculty, residents, and medical students from the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Oklahoma – Tulsa arrived at the Mission of Hope clinic in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. During the two weeks that followed, the team examined many patients at the Mission of Hope clinic. Normally, we are able to attend about 100 patients each day, but with the team from Tulsa, we were able to set up extra exam rooms and take care of many patients that would normally be turned away. This was a great blessing for our patients!

The team also participated in two all day outreaches into the outlying communities where no medical care was available. They first went to an Ayore Indian village with doctors from the South America Mission, where they examined about one hundred patients. The second outreach was into the community of Peji in conjunction with the Catholic University of Santa Cruz. Medical students from the Catholic University also participated in the outreach. About two hundred patients received medical care during the Peji outreach.