Guadalupe is a 34 year old lady who lives with her husband and 2 young boys.  She has suffered with chronic ear infections for more than 25 years.  Growing up as a child, when she would have ear pain and inflammation, her mother would make a juice from onions and put drops of onion juice in her ear.
The many years of chronic ear infections resulted in the growth of a large cyst behind her eardrum, which had eroded one of the bones used in hearing and the inner ear.  She went to a specialist who told her that she needed a complicated surgery that is not done in Bolivia.  Guadalupe felt very discouraged, but her mom kept telling her not to lose hope, just to keep on praying and have faith that God would answer their prayers.
Then Guadalupe’s aunt told her about Mission of Hope, and she was put on the list for surgery.  She had an excellent surgery with an excellent result.  She is now pain free and her hearing has improved.  Guadalupe says that having the surgery here in Bolivia was a miracle!  She is very thankful!