Julia is a 52 year old mother of 7 children. Her youngest son, Marcelo, is 10 years old. It was because of Marcelo that Julia overcame her fear of having surgery. She wanted to continue working to support him and “give him a good life.”

About 3 years ago, Julia noticed a growth on the side of her face. The tumor grew rapidly. The size and weight and pain of the tumor made it difficult for Julia to sleep. The tumor grew so large that it completely blocked her peripheral vision, and she had to completely turn her head to cross the street.

Everywhere she went, people stared at her and murmured as she passed by, but Marcelo was not ashamed of her. He always wanted to hold her hand as they walked.

Julia did not have money for surgery. She earned about $6/day cooking food to sell in the open market. She prayed for God to make a way for her to have a safe surgery. Then her daughter-in-law told her about the Mission of Hope clinic where everything is free, and she heard about the team of surgeons that was arriving from the US. The team removed a 5 lb. tumor from Julia’s face! When she looked in the mirror after surgery, she cried tears of joy. She is so thankful to God for what He has done in her life!