No one thought to take a picture of Lucio. It was an ordinary day at the Mission of Hope clinic. The surgery team had come and gone. The clinic doors opened at 8 a.m. and the first group of patients came in and took their places in the waiting room. Lucio was seated among them. As the Gospel was shared, Lucio was one of many who stood and gave his heart to Jesus.

As the nurse washed and cleaned his sore and infected feet, Lucio began telling his story. His wife died in childbirth 24 years ago. His children left home as soon as they became old enough. His father died 3 years ago, and his mother died 5 months ago. Feeling very alone because everyone that he loved had gone, he left La Paz where he was living and came to Santa Cruz looking for work as a truck driver. He found a job working for a lumber mill, transporting timber from the jungle.

One day while loading the truck, the load shifted and both of his feet were trapped under the weight of the timber. After the accident, the foreman gave Lucio $15 and sent him on his way.

Soon the money was gone, and Lucio started sleeping on the street and eating from the garbage can in the marketplace. His feet became infected and sore, and he became very depressed. After living like this for a couple of months, he became friends with the night watchman at the marketplace, who told him about Mission of Hope, where everything is free. Lucio had come to the clinic the night before and slept outside the door, waiting for it to open.

Another nurse overheard Lucio’s story and heard him say how much he wanted to return to La Paz to stay with his daughter. She bought him a ticket to La Paz with her personal money. Other staff members gave money for meals and travel expenses. Mission of Hope donated all of the medicines and medical supplies that were needed to cure his feet and gave him clean clothes to put on.

Lucio left the Mission of Hope clinic with tears in his eyes, overwhelmed with the love he had experienced and giving thanks to God. A big “Thank You!” to all of you who support us in this work to bring hope and healing to the poor in the name of Jesus!