Susana is a 47-year-old lady who lives with her husband and 6 children in a Mennonite community about 6 hours (by train) from Santa Cruz . When Susana first came to the Mission of Hope clinic in the spring of 2008, she was very discouraged. She had been deaf in both ears for more than 16 years. She had been to many doctors, but no one could help her. When friends and family would come to visit, her children would have to talk for her because she was not able to hear any of the conversation. This was all very embarrassing for Susana.

When the ENT surgery team came to Bolivia in March of 2008, Susana received her first ear surgery. A tiny, prosthetic stapes bone was implanted into her inner ear. One morning soon after the surgery, Susana realized that she could hear the traffic on the street outside of her window! She was so excited!

When Susana came back to the Mission of Hope clinic for a follow-up hearing test, she was found to have normal hearing in the operated ear! This year, when Susana came to have surgery on the other ear, she was a different person! Her whole life has changed! She is much more confident and smiles easily. She no longer needs her children to speak for her. She is so thankful for everything that has been done for her at Mission of Hope. News about Susana has spread throughout the Mennonite community. She is known as “the woman who was deaf, but now can hear!”